We treat Chronic disease in cell level with Physic and Biotechnologies as holistic treatment.

Why Us?

Non of doctors can heal your diseases, you are the best doctor for yourselves since most causes of NCDs ( Diabetes, Cholesterol, Artery, atherosclerosis, Immunity, Liver, Hormones , kidney etc) are from your behavior or yourselves.

Most of conventional treatment are treating by symptom at tissues or organs level through receptor outside cells and finally dump so many residual into kidney . But the NCDs causes are in cell level. Your cells are become full of waste, toxins, free radical from foods and your life styles then makes cell degenerative until cells function is low or stop. Cells function is to utilize food to serve all activities over your body. When cells low function then made tissue and organ low or no function , that is sickness call Non Communicable diseases as Chronic syndromes.
Those diseases made by yourselves from your behavior , you need to treat t your behavior but you need some trigger that can detox, eliminate waste, free radical and boost metabolism, boots and balance immunity and hormones for you then rest is your duty to adjust yourselves.

Herbenzyme in Nucleotides form as metabolite to do the trigger in cell level, will help Detoxification, Boost metabolism, anti inflammation, boost energy, boost and balance hormones in cell for you. Then the rest, Dr. YOURSELVES take action to adjust foods and life style in combination.

This is the only solution. Stop taking chemical pills for whole life. Bring your healthy and happiness back to your nature

Our latest products

  • Thyroid disorders (1 month)


    Symptoms of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) can be debilitating. Patients with hypothyroidism may experience fatigue, intolerance to coldness, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, poor appetite, goiters, and more. Those with hyperthyroidism may experience nervousness, tremors, irritability, poor concentration, reduced menstrual blood flow in women, heat intolerance, and more.

    For dosage and other recommendations for thyroid disorders, click here.

  • Athletic performance enhancement (1 month)


    Athletes, body builders, and those requiring better athletic performance, improved metabolism, and increased energy and endurance can benefit from HERBENZYME’s systematic approach to holistic health.

    For dosage and other recommendations to improve athletic performance, click here.