About Us

HERBENZYME was founded by a number of healthcare professionals and researchers working in clinics, hospitals, universities and private companies who share the objective of developing natural remedies that systematically treat Non-Communicable Diseases. We combine modern technology with the wisdom of traditional healing systems to produce all-natural formulas that promote physical and mental health. These products are made without any chemical or genetically modified ingredients, and all raw materials are sourced from carefully selected farms and plantations.

Our research team has decades of experience in studying phytonutrients found in food, herbs, algae, medicinal mushrooms, probiotics and prebiotics. We developed new physics & biotechnology that enable us to combine these phytonutrients into formulas that are highly active at a cellular level. These formulas include nucleotides, enzymes, metabolites, and other phytonutrients. All HERBENZYME products have been tested and verified for safety and effectiveness in research studies that follow the strict standards and protocols of the FDA and GMP.

Our manufacturing is strictly controlled under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Food and Drug Administration protocols to ensure the high quality, safety and consistency of the products.

Our mission is to combine modern technology with ancient wisdom to identify and extract the most effective healing agents from natural raw materials, using them to create products that are highly effective at the cellular level, treating and removing the causes of health problems.  Beyond our products, HERBENZYME actively promotes healthy eating, balanced lifestyle and mental/emotional wellbeing in order to help people achieve “Holistic Happiness”.