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Recommended Procedure For Purchasing

  1. From the Menu, click “Conditions” to select your symptom/condition
  2. Select your symptom/condition to see recommended products, dosage, and lifestyle adjustments
  3.  Record the name of products and recommended quantity for purchasing.
  4. From the Menu, click “Products” and select the product you wish to purchase
  5. Input the desired quantity and click “Add to cart”
  6. Input your address details for delivery. If the shipping fee is not showing for your address, please contact us at <contact@herbenzyme.com>
  7. Check out to view the total cost and  DHL courier charge
  8. Select your preferred currency before making payment
  9. Make payment
  10. A payment confirmation e-mail and Airwaybill information will be sent to you via e-mail
  11. All orders are shipped within 5-7 days after payment
  12. You may track your shipment using your Airwaybill number