We help prevent chronic diseases at the cellular level with new  holistic Biotechnologies and Physic technologies

NCD’s (Non-communicable diseases):

Most NCD’s (Type 2 Diabetes, Lipid disorders, Atherosclerosis, Immune problems, Liver, Kidney, Hormone imbalances, etc. are caused or greatly influenced by your diet/lifestyle/behaviors.

Most of conventional treatments work to treat symptoms at the organ and tissue level, usually through the use of pharmaceutical drugs.  Which tend to increase the toxin load on the body, particularly organs like the liver and kidneys.  But the causes of NCD’s are affecting the body at the cellular level.  Your cells become over-burdened by toxins and free radicals, mainly from food/lifestyle and the environment (chemicals, heavy metals, etc.), leading to loss of optimal cellular function and ultimately cell death.  The mitochondria in the cells, which produce ATP for energy, are especially vulnerable to toxic overload.  When the cells are adversely affected, the tissues and organs begin to develop dysfunction, leading to NCD’s.

To prevent and alleviate these problems, we need to have a healthy diet and lifestyle, but we can be greatly benefited by utilizing natural substances that can assist in detoxing, removing cellular waste products, reducing free radicals and boosting metabolism, immunity and hormones balance.

Herbenzyme products, with their unique ingredients, technologies and functions, are designed to assist the cells to detox, boost metabolism and energy production, reduce inflammation, and help balance the endocrine system.

This is the best solution we know of to stay healthy:  Have a healthy, positive lifestyle, diet, and mental state, in order to reduce your chances of needing chemical drugs.  And consider using Herbenzyme products to help maximize your cellular health.

All Natural

The researchers and doctors at HERBENZYME have developed a new approach to help patients with chronic, Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s).

We use natural ingredients such as medicinal mushrooms, probiotics, prebiotics and herbs then combined using biotechnologies and physical technologies to produce nucleotides, enzymes, metabolic agents, to become products that provide assistance in holistic maintaining good health, when used along with healthy physical and mental lifestyle.

Through extensive research and the use of advanced technologies, we have been able to identify and isolate the active ingredients from raw materials (foods, herbs etc.) and combine them so that they can have a strong and immediate effect upon entering the digestive and metabolic systems that functioning in cell level.  The process to create Herbenzyme formulas is long and difficult, but also safe, natural and adapted to the natural bio-chemistry within the human body.

In doing so, we have achieved amazing results in supporting the body to deal with many diseases and imbalances, without the use of chemical drugs.  Herbenzyme uses only natural and organic ingredients, with no long-term side effects on vital and sensitive organs in the body, such as liver and kidneys.

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