What are some possible side effects of taking HERBENZYME products?

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June 23, 2020

For new users, minor side effects may occur, depending on how high the accumulated toxin load is in your cells and tissues.

Toxins (including metabolic waste products, chemical drug residues, heavy metals, processed food additives, free radicals, and endotoxins produced by infectious organisms) tend to accumulate in the GI tract, fat tissue, blood and lymph, and other body tissues.  When we start to stimulate toxin release and removal from the tissues, the cells will release the toxins into the blood  stream and lymph to be eliminated via the normal metabolic pathways.  This release and movement of toxins out of the body has traditionally been referred to as a “healing crisis”. In the case of using HERBENZYME products, the symptoms of detoxing are usually mild and vary greatly from person to person.  

Such symptoms may include:

  • More frequent itching
  • Mild dizziness or headache
  • Mild fever
  • Muscle pains (usually occurring only in cases of severe chemical toxin load such as from those chemotherapy residue)
  • Bowel movements may increase temporarily, and stools may be darker
  • Stomach and bowels may produce more gas
  • Temporary constipation

Many people will not notice any of these temporary side effects when using Herbenzyme products.  

Detoxification symptoms are more likely to occur for the following groups of people:

  • People who have received chemotherapy.  Symptoms of muscle discomfort may last for a few days, up to a month, depending on how high the drug residue is in the tissues.
  • People who have been on high doses of prescription drugs for a long period of time.
  • People whose diets have included too much junk food, trans fats, processed foods.
  • Those who live/work in highly polluted environments.
  • Users of addictive substances like alcohol, cigarettes, or excess cannabis use.
  • People under a lot of stress, or with insufficient sleep.  Don’t worry, HERBENZYME products improve sleep and relaxation in most cases.

How long do healing/detox symptoms last?

Most people do not have side effects. When they do occur, they generally last for 1-7 days (or longer, especially after chemotherapy, steroid use, alcohol or drug excess).  Again, it depends on the individual and their situation/lifestyle.  The more severe the level of toxicity, the more noticeable the healing symptoms can be.  If symptoms do occur, take it as a sign that your body is working to flush out toxins and waste, leading to a higher level of health.

What to do if you are experiencing detox/healing symptoms?

  • Drink more water, more often.  Hydration is very important.
  • Take 500-1000 mg of Vitamin C every 2-3 hours.
  • Lemon juice, fresh orange juice, and herb teas can also help.
  • Stop all junk food, trans fat, processed foods, and sugar.
  • Therapies like massage, reflexology, saunas, and acupuncture can help.
  • Try meditation, sporting activities, walking/running, yoga.
  • Finally, remind yourself that these symptoms are only temporary and will lead to improved health and functioning. We’re here if you need any extra help or support.

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